I-19-4458 - I-294 Roadway & Bridge Widening & Reconstruction

The scope of the work shall consist of: The widening and reconstruction of the I-294 mainline from North Avenue to South of Grand Avenue, M.P. 33.44 to M.P. 35.04, reconstruction of the I-294 Bridges over North Avenue and over the I-290 exit ramp to North Avenue/Lake Street, construction of retaining walls, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) infrastructure, construction of a mainline Toll Plaza (Plaza 300) at Ramp R1 (SB I-294 exit to County Line Road), maintenance of traffic, drainage improvements, lighting installation, pavement marking, signing, utility work, erosion control measures and landscaping and other associated work
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RP_CH2M_MG_4458-Final-RGR_07012020 19.6 MB
RP_CH2M_MG_4458-Final-SGR-Bridge_B233_B234_07012020 14.4 MB
RP_CH2M_MG_4458-Final-SGR-Bridge_B235_07012020 13.0 MB
RP_CH2M_MG_4458-Final-SGR-Culvert-Add-Crk-Trib_09042019 3.5 MB
RP_CH2M_MG_4458-Rev_Final-SGR-Wall-TS3368RNB_08102020 13.7 MB
RP_CH2M_MG_4458-Rev_Final-SGR-Wall-TS3369RSB_08102020 15.1 MB
RP_GSG_DE_4458-Final-SGR-Culvert-235C_05152019 9.7 MB
RP_GSG_TC_Contract 4458_ 05182020 30.8 MB
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