I-18-4374 - Edens Spur (I-94) Roadway & Bridge Reconstruction

The work under this Contract shall consist of: Reconstruction of the Edens Spur (I-94) including Bridge No. 345, 355, 356, 357, 359, and 361, construction of a barrier separated median, drainage system, ITS elements and roadway lighting, grading and shaping ditches on the Edens Expressway, and water main construction along the Skokie Boulevard and Pfingsten Road corridors
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4374-3D-Edens.dgn 7.0 MB
4374-3D-Pfingsten-Bridge.dgn 2.7 MB
4374-3D-Pfingsten-ConeGrading.dgn 2.9 MB
4374-3D-Pfingsten-North.dgn 2.5 MB
4374-3D-Pfingsten-South.dgn 5.8 MB
4374-3D-Skokie.dgn 1.8 MB
4374-3D-US41.dgn 1.7 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z01-Stage1.dgn 8.2 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z01-Stage2.dgn 9.7 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z02-Stage1.dgn 3.0 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z02-Stage2.dgn 7.3 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z03-Stage1.dgn 5.8 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z03-Stage2.dgn 7.6 MB
4374-3Dmodel-Z11.dgn 813.5 KB
4374-3Dmodel-Z12.dgn 859.5 KB
4374-3Dmodel-Z13.dgn 2.5 MB
4374-3Dmodel-ZBR.dgn 745.5 KB
4374-3Dmodel-ZEX.dgn 57.0 MB
4374-corridor-StormSewer.dgn 15.0 MB