I-18-4705 - Elgin O'Hare Western Access Tollway (I-490) Interchange Construction

The work under this Contract shall consist of: Construction of the Northbound and Southbound I-490 Bridges over Higgins Creek and the MWRDGC Touhy Avenue Reservoir, site clearing, removals, earthwork, grading, construction of retaining walls, drainage system installation, construction of pavement and barrier protection, signing and pavement markings, roadway lighting, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) infrastructure, maintenance of traffic, utility relocation and coordination, landscaping and all other appurtenant and miscellaneous construction.
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2019 CDA OMP Construction Safety Manual 23 628.9 KB
4705-ExGround.tin 65.9 MB
4705-PrGround-NofI90.tin 13.1 MB
4705-PrGround-NofTouhy.tin 14.4 MB
4705-PrGround-SofI90.tin 8.1 MB
4705-PrGround-TCell3.tin 337.3 KB
4705-PrSubgrade-NofI90.tin 279.0 MB
4705-PrSubgrade-NofTouhy.tin 20.3 MB
4705-PrSubgrade-SofI90.tin 6.3 MB
4705-PrSubgrade-TCell3.tin 337.3 KB
ENV_GSG_JO_4659D-N08-C-DraftESA_05112018 6.5 MB
PT_Tollway_PermitNW59-29-NW-MilePost73.5-StandardOilCompany_04151959 2.3 MB
RD_BMCD_CKS_4210-RecordDrawings_02092018 189.6 MB
RP_CH2M_JM_4705-DraftESA-DesPlainesOasis-PhaseII-SupplementAppendices_01102020 97.5 MB
RP_CH2M_JM_4705-DraftESA-DesPlainesOasis-PhaseII-Supplement_01102020 5.9 MB
RP_GSI_RG_4676D-4705C-SGR-RampX2-RevisedFinal_01122020 5.4 MB
RP_GSI_RG_4676D-4705C-SGR-RampX4-RevisedFinal_01122020 6.5 MB
RP_GSI_SAB_ 4676D-4705C-RGR-FINAL_12132019 13.9 MB
RP_GSI_SAB_4676D-4705C-SGR-BNs1679&1680-RevisedFinal_01122020 11.3 MB
SD_BMCD_CKS_4210-RecordShopDrawings_02092018 405.7 MB