I-19-4507 - Shoulder Rehabilitation, Retaining Wall & Noise Abatement Wall Construction

The work under this contract includes, but is not limited to Maintenance of Traffic; Temporary Lighting Improvements; Permanent and Temporary Drainage Improvements; Pavement Removal; Construction of Mainline and Ramp Pavement and Crossovers; Construction of Soil Nail Walls for BN 185 and BN 187; Removal of Existing Noise Abatement Walls; Construction Noise Abatement Wall PR-TS22.90N, NB; Earthwork and Grading; and Relocate Temporary ITS. Performance Based Noise Abatement Wall (Precast Concrete) and Soil Nail Walls will require design by the contractor as it is included in this contract as a performance specification.
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RP_RUBINO_ML_4297-RGR-I294MP22-24_11012019 13.9 MB
RP_WANG_RKC_4297-RGR-I294MP22-24_V03_12262019 21.0 MB